9 Questions to brighten up your day

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2 min readMar 11, 2023

Writing prompt

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A fragrance that brings back great memories.

I am going to mention a few. First one that comes to mind is cardamom. My grandma used to bake a lot of sweet desserts, mainly baked goods similar to cinnamon rolls. The fragrance of cardamom reminds me of the times in my childhood where we baked together. She is no longer with us but this memory is still strong.

Another fragrance dear to me is Lavender. My mom used to have lavender essential oil in a sent burner in my bedroom close to bedtime. i love everything lavender scented because it reminds me of her. It reminds me of the times i still lived in my childhood home.

A thing that always makes you laugh.

An inside joke with my friends or coworkers,but those would not be funny to anyone else. :D

A Favorite type of paper-Based puzzle. (crossword ,Sudoku,word search etc)

I`d go with crossword. But out of all the brain training activities i love the good old jigsaw puzzles.

Treat me with one of your favorite jokes.

( a meme i found on discord)

Yes,i know my sense of humor is a bit childish,but this made me laugh a lot.

A recent thing you are grateful to yourself for.

I am thankful for pushing myself out of my comfort zone to have an open and honest conversation with my coworker about something she said to me that made me feel uncomfortable. It turned out that we had a misunderstanding.

recommend a comedy movie.

I have got nothing due to not watching movies that often.

A gift that you are always happy to get.

A box of tea or some chocolate

A mistake you made recently and laughed at yourself.

Someone had named their cat Samson but i misread it as Salmon. Did not even question it and was about to comment on how this is such a creative name for a cat. But then something in my head was like “hold on a minute” and all of the sudden everything made way more sense. Apparently people name their cats after a fish nowadays. I just cant work with my brain sometimes.

Do you have a quote you would like to share?

Healing is a forever love -Lavender lifestyle podcast.

This was such a fun writing challenge feel free to join. ❤