When you get the exact words you need to hear from an unexpected source. Yesterday was a rough one for me, and I felt some fear and anxiety due to current news events and some personal stuff.

After coming home and doing some yoga, I found it so surprising that the suggested mantra was “ I am safe” , not sure if this was a pure coincidence or a message from the universe. Nevertheless, it made me feel heard and comforted. This ain’t the only time when I have been given much needed words of wisdom during my personal yoga practice. I am currently doing a 30-day yoga challenge, it’s from yoga with Adrien’s youtube channel. This is my fifth year in a row of participating in this. A Perfect way to start the new year. ❤



Photo by me.

Disclaimer: This is not attended to be used as a substitute for medical advice.

Now that I am heading towards recovering from the flu , here's a list of some products that have made this time more comfortable for me. Maybe some of you will also find this list helpful

1. Tissu
es. Used for blowing the nose.

2. Organic Honey . This is the best all natural cough suppressant I know. It also helps with the sore throat.

3. Cough drops. Talking about sore throats, a cough drop is essential when it comes to making your throat feel better. I have two different ones, one from the grocery store that has honey and vitamin c added in. The second one is from the pharmacy it's also supposed to help with cough.

4. Zinc spray . There's some evidence that zinc might help your immune system recover from the flu faster.

5.lip balm. For dry lips and the area around the nose that gets itchy from all the nose blowing.

6. Nasal spray. For times ,when the nose is stuffy, a stuffy nose makes breathing more difficult. This one has a menthol in it to help unblock the sinuses. It is especially useful for when you wake up in the middle of the night and everything feels uncomfortable, and you just want to be able to fall back to sleep as quickly as possible.

7. Blackcurrant juice. ( or any juice that you like) it's important to stay hydrated and often water tastes bad if you are sick. So juice is a good option with some added vitamins to benefit your immune system.

8. Thermometer. This is self-explanatory, obviously used for figuring out whether or not you have a fever.

9. Tea . Any tea will do. It's the same as with the juice. It helps you to stay hydrated. I like the throat comfort one from yogi tea, which also has some medicinal herbs that might help with calming the throat.
It looks like the worst is over, and i am on my way to feeling better. These products in question have made a difference in my recovery.
Feel free to share your own tips in the comments. what are the essential products for you?



I got sick.

Gotta “love” the flu season.

My Christmas holiday plans were completely canceled.

I have been avoiding flu pretty much the whole year but just when the holiday started my body was like “ okay let’s make her feel horrible and tired “

I’m not sure whether or not this is covid. I have not taken the test yet as I have stayed home the whole time. Hopefully, the flu remedies work, and I feel better soon. I am pretty sure that I had a fever last night.

There’s still some coughing, tiredness, and a runny nose left from all of the symptoms. So, let the rest + vitamins +fluids combo continue. Hopefully, my immune system does its magic soon.