attending a four day yoga retreat.

A reflection

Credits: kalyanayahaluwo,pixabay

Me and my mom just came back from our yearly yoga retreat about a week ago. Going completely offline for four days made me feel so much more balanced and calm. our days began with a morning practice around seven a.m it consisted of different breathing exercises and a meditation. 8.30 we had breakfast and our Asana practice begun at 11.00. we had plenty of free time in between our practices.

They served us vegetarian food and it was delicious. Every day ended with another meditation practice. My body and mind got plenty of much needed rest during our stay. The sauna was hot every evening that felt like a luxury because i do not normally go to a sauna every single evening more like a few times a year. This was our third yoga retreat at this specific place. I highly recommend taking some time off for yourself and joining these retreats, if it is financially possible for you. We spend so much time being available for everyone else that it is easy to forget our own needs in the process.

The decision of turning of my phone was not an easy one to make,but i am so glad for deciding to do it. There was so much more time in our days when the notifications were not constantly distracting me. It is a good thing to spend time with yourself and learn to appreciate all the beauty around you.

Time just slowed down and it made me feel super relaxed and at ease. For me and my mom it was important that our teacher was familiar to us, it made attending the retreat feel so much easier when there was that trust already built between us. At the same time it is nice getting to know new people while being on retreats. I got some new perspectives from my conversations with other participants. Different retreats are one great way of getting to know our-self's better and gaining new insights from our intuition. ❤



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