Creating space for creativity

Little wheat's writings
1 min readSep 23, 2023


Do you ever find yourself wanting to be creative but wondering where the inspiration has gone? Me too.

Photo by me. ( my table in a creative mess this morning)

Wanna know a little secret, a simple tip for finding the inspiration again?

Here it comes, *drumroll*.. Allow yourself to be bored. Remove all distractions and spend some time in silence with your own thoughts.

Yup, it really is that simple. We as people living in modern society have surrounded ourselves with constant distractions and background noise. No matter if it’s music, podcasts, social media, or audio books, there is something to fill our attention in every minute of our time. No wonder we feel like our creative spark is lost and hiding from us.

Today, I woke up feeling inspired, so I decided to put some earplugs on, sit in front of my desk, and be in silence for a bit. Guess what? I ended up writing poems and painting for over an hour.

Please note that we can’t force creativity. It comes when the time is right, but creating the right environment for it is certainly helpful.

Have you struggled with the lack of inspiration lately? Feel free to share your thoughts.