Current skincare favorites 2023 edition.

It’s time for an update.

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3 min readMay 2, 2023

Haircare: Nettle shampoo by Frantsila herb farm. This hasn’t changed since the last time. It will probably be my favorite shampoo forever. I love how gentle it is for my scalp. It helps to soothe any itchiness that might be present.

My hairbrush of choice is from tangleteazer, and I’m always using these “phone line” hair ties.

Face care

Cleanser: moisturizing Gell cleanser by Taika. This is a Finnish natural cosmetics company that my friend recommended to me. I have been a little unsure about gel cleansers ,this one was a pleasant surprise. “ contains birch sap,glyserin, and xylitol to help moisturize the skin. “

I really like the mild “foresty “ scent.

Face moisturizer: 24h moisturizer for sensitive skin by Taika. This product is guite basic, but it gets the job done and feels soothing on the skin. “Shea butter, oat oil,glycerol, xylitol, and plant based ceramids nurture and moisturize dry skin. “

Body care.

Shower gel: The scent changes, but it’s always from the body shop. Currently using spiced orange. It was a limited edition for this holiday season. Smells absolutely delicious. It’s worth the money because the bottle lasts for a very long time.

Face wash: Gentle cleansing foam from LV. It’s basic, I like foam cleansers in the shower.

Body scrub: soothing lavender body scrub from Urtekram. I could swim in lavender. It is one of my favorite scents . This product leaves my skin smooth and like the calming scent, especially before bedtime. This range might be a dupe for the sleepy line from lush cosmetics.

Feminine hygiene: Intim wash foam from Alva. Self-explanatory, the product changes, but this is the current one I use on my cycles or when the area needs some extra care. Always pick unscented products to use in this area to avoid irritation, etc.

Photo by me

Miscellaneous :

Hand cream: Ziaja

Deodorant: soothing lavender by Urtekram. I have used this for ages now. Again, i love anything lavender scented.

Body lotion: soothing lavender by Urtekram. New find but the same product line. “ a hydrating, nourishing body lotion for a long-lasting silky soft feeling “ I think that this is a challenger for the body butter from the body shop that has been my go-to for ages.

Toothpaste: Sensodyne repair & protect. My mom also uses this line. It makes my teeth clean without irritating my gums like some of those cheaper toothpastes do.

For sore muscles: magnesium spray from Puhdas+ and ice gell. I’m also still using the massage oil from Frantsila herb farm.

Intimate care soothing cream from aco. Newsflash, the downstairs might also need a moisturizer sometimes. It helps to soothe that random itchiness that is not caused by any medical problems.

Here we have it,my updated skincare favorites. I hope you liked it and maybe found new products to try.❤