dear people..

Stop arguing about food and just enjoy it.

Picture by buffetcrush ,pixabay.

Disclaimer:I am not a nutritionist or a dietitian. please contact a professional if you have any health concerns.

What was the last thing you ate today? maybe a plate of pasta,a bowl of soup,hamburger and fries,a chicken-salad,a piece of cake or a bag of candy,what ever it was i hope you enjoyed it.

food has been a topic of arguments for so long and literally for no reason. why would you judge someone based on something they ate?. It makes absolutely no sense to me. To make things worse people who are not nutritionists or dietitians are often the ones giving others advice over the internet. yes you can also find qualified professionals sharing their knowledge on you-Tube, but i would say be careful with who you get your information from.

Why cant food be a neutral thing? it should be something everyone is allowed to enjoy with out others making them feel bad about it.we all know our own bodies and what is best for us.

You might not know whether or not your friend is dealing with some sort of eating problems so commenting on what they are eating can be a risky move. I would say if you are worried try to be gentle with your words to avoid making them feel even worse. ask if you can help but do not judge them or make assumptions based on what is on their plate.

In my opinion we should not comment on someones body or food choices unless we are their doctor. Enjoy your favorite foods there is no point in arguing about what we should and should not eat. Keep making choices that make you feel good and try not to compare yourself to others around you.

This can be a sensitive topic and you might have strong opinions but please be respectful in the comments. I really want to keep my blog as a safe space for everybody❤



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