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Do we finally have a solution?

  • Being referred to a work capability assessment

I`m so done with going over my struggles again and again due to being unemployed. There is a lots of proof that I am unable to work full time but the employment services here do not seem to get it. I have gone tru several rehabilitative work programs,mental health courses and almost three years of psychotherapy. But yet they still try to rehabilitate something that i was born with. You just cant “fix” learning difficulties or any other special needs we might have. those are something that are there for the rest of our lives. We can all learn strategies to cope with these but there is no miracle cure.

Now finally after three years of feeling stuck my doctor referred me to a work capability assessment. I got taken a blood test to screen for thyroid problems, i have not booked a phone consultation yet but need to do it soon. An occupational therapist is going to do a home visit and after that we will book an appointment to see her at the hospital. ill also be seen by physiotherapist and possibly a Neuropsychologist it they think it is necessary to better understand my limitations. So i have lots of meetings coming and explaining to do but hopefully we will finally figure out a solution and a way forward.

Can anyone else relate to feeling that you do not belong to the employment services but are kinda forced to be there because nobody seems to find the right services for you?.When speaking with professionals some of them do not seem to see the challenges i face in everyday life and just say that “you seem like a very clever person to me”Like seriously i am not making this up. Some of this is probably caused by my masking due to the fear of not being accepted as myself and trying to look as “normal” as possible while being in social situations.

Maybe now i can finally get my voice heard and people to listen. We need to find a solution I am done with being thrown to a different services constantly.



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