Ending my therapy process.

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Today was the day of my last psychotherapy appointment. This has been a long process towards understanding myself better and learning to cope with some painful losses. I had my appointment almost every Wednesday for the last tree years. So part of my weekly schedule is gone now. I am feeling good about my decision because this felt the right time to end the process for now. It is not like all the support is gone because i am still working with the social worker and my country has these one stop guidance centers you can just walk in with any problem and get guided forward towards solutions for things that have to do with working, finding an apartment , social security,health,mental health etc. I do not have the need for intense support anymore.

How did i knew it was time to end the process?

The biggest reason for me was simply the lack of things to talk about. of course life always trows some unexpected things at us but i have gained skills needed so i can work tru those by myself. I was diagnosed with a panic disorder back in 2019 and when beginning my therapy journey almost daily panic attacks controlled my life. Now almost tree years later that is no longer the case. I am in control of my body and how it reacts to the anxiety that is rising up. Thanks to this process talking about mental health and asking for support has gotten so much easier. I have learned that most people truly want to help instead of judging me. So if someone now ask me how i am doing they often get an honest answer instead of the typical “ i am fine”

My therapist told me that i have an old soul living in a young body and that is so true. My intuition is so wise when i stop and take time to listen what it wants to tell me. Even tho there is no longer weekly appointment everything i have discovered continues to live inside off me providing me with even more wisdom. She also said that i am brave for being willing to dig deep into difficult topics and discover the true reasons behind my reactions. Instead of running away from the fears i am facing them and not letting the fear control me anymore.

I will keep educating myself about different psychology topics and learning more about myself while traveling tru this adventure called life. One last important realization from this journey : we do not need a degree to support each other sometimes just listening without any judgement is all that it takes. I am so grateful for all of you mental health professionals out there making our world a better place. thank you for your service. You do an amazing work while providing people with safe spaces to work tru difficult emotions and experiences❤



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