Few thoughts about healing.

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2 min readFeb 16


Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

Is It even possible to fully heal from past trauma?

You would think that after processing past events multiple times, it’s all over, and your life is “fixed” . I have learned that healing is a journey that goes on forever, and memories will come back to us to teach us new lessons.

Healing is a forever love. — lavendair lifestyle podcast.

Yesterday, my nervous system was flooded with trauma memories because someone touched me unexpectedly. I was able to defend my boundaries and tell them “don’t touch me” and later process the situation with my coworker.

I was not expecting to have such a strong reaction as I thought that those memories ain’t a problem anymore. Sometimes traumas will come back unexpectedly.

The problem is that there are people who genuinely have difficulties with understanding social cues and people’s boundaries due to disabilities.

I want to understand those individuals, but then there are people who just don’t care about respecting others. We never know what the case actually is.

Trauma can make us feel unsafe and fearful around others. Our bodies hold onto memories and emotions ,so wrong types of touches might bring everything back up again.

My past experiences make it difficult for me to let others close to me and to trust unexpected touches even if the persons intentions are good and genuine. Even when there’s no real danger.

I do allow my family, friends, and close relatives to touch me but I can’t handle it if it’s coming from someone who is a stranger to me.

Healing is a journey that lasts a lifetime, but when time goes on, memories will lose their power and become a chapter in our stories. ❤