Getting a health scare in the pandemic

picture: Stocksnap , pixabay

Because everyone is so focused on dealing with this pandemic i almost forgot that other health stuff exists too, that was until i found a random lump that is not related to hormonal changes during my menstrual cycle. I am going to get it checked soon and let me tell you my anxiety has been tru the roof I cant remember the last time i was so nervous about a doctors appointment.

Most likely its something benign but you cant never know for sure. I tough it was due to hormones but after it being there for a week it feels strange to me so better be safe than sorry. I found it randomly so this was also a reminder of the importance of checking our bodies at home and going to the doctor if something feels off.

for some reason my body is not letting me live without creating some strange health issues for me to deal with. Not the best start for my year but what can you do. luckily i got the appointment relatively quickly.

The results.

Unfortunately my doctor could not give me an exact diagnosis yet so we will need an ultrasound to figure out what is going on. She said that its nothing serious and another option would be to just monitor it for possible changes. ill probably book the ultrasound tho to get some more answers. but for now at least i know there is nothing life threatening going on❤



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