Grief, a friend who comes to visit when you least expect it.

Little wheat's writings
2 min readOct 12, 2023
Photo by me

The last two days have been rough. October 10. Was the fourth anniversary of my grandma’s passing.

I have been thinking about her and during these days I have cried a lot. So much so that my head was aching this morning.

Grief is an old friend who always stays with us,no matter how much time has passed. It changes overtime and even tho I have felt sad lots of happy memories have filled my mind. Like the countless of times of us baking together in my childhood. Her reading us bedtime stories. How warm hearted and empathetic she was.

Relatives coming together to celebrate people’s birthdays. My grandmother joined almost every birthdays we had.

She will always stay with me in all of the beautiful memories that we can sherish and pass forward to future generations.

When the time goes on, grief lessens its fists around our hearts , and it gets easier to breathe.

We can learn to honor our grief, welcome it, and allow it to be.

I turned my emotions into poetry and art. It always helps me to process everything. I lit a candle for her memory.

These intense waves of grief will resurface from time to time, but time heals all the wounds. We are never truly alone. 💜