I did it!

Little wheat's writings
1 min readJan 22, 2023

I faced my fears.

Just five days after the incident here, I was again at the railway station waiting for the train. Quite understandably, there were some panicky moments. Somehow, I found the inner strength to tell myself “hey I know that this is hard, but you can do it!, just breathe “ and did it anyway. My friend was available for me the whole time in case I couldn’t handle it but everything went great, no problems whatsoever.

Yesterday showed me that I can do hard things if deciding to do so and putting my mind to it. This, however, does not mean that it’s all over and that no anxiety is coming up anymore.

The process is still going, and I need to be patient with myself. But the worst is over. Now I know that traveling by train is still possible after all of this. The last week has been one constant panic attack, but I am slowly getting there. Now my sleep is back to normal, and that shows that the feelings of safety are starting to come back. If you have a challenge to overcome good luck, I know that you can do it! ❤