Lessons learned in June

Little wheat's writings
1 min readJul 1, 2023
Photo by J Lee on Unsplash

What I take with me from the last month.

Trying to communicate via non-verbal gestures only doesn’t work. It often creates more confusion, just talk it’s way easier.

My difficulties with sharing things with others isn’t only about me not trusting people around me but also not being ready to face the emotions that come along with it. Some things are too emotionally exhausting to be processed with multiple people.

If we try to force ourselves to talk about something, it doesn’t end well because all the defenses go up. Changing our perspective from “ I have to talk about this” to “ I can talk about this other thing instead “ makes all the difference.

If you remove the pressure of having to dig into the deep topics with someone, all of a sudden, the communication flows way easier.

It’s okay to feel lost sometimes

Big changes take time to process, accept, and move on.

What have you been learning lately? , let me know in the comments. 💜