Mental health update


This warm and sunny weather has done wonders to my mental health. I`m feeling much better and that is such a huge relief. A few months ago there was a touch spot in my life and i started to experience some mild depression symptoms as well as symptoms of a burnout.

I`ll be joining a guided support group that uses principles/exercises from an exposure therapy in order to help socially anxious people gain better control over their lives, so hopefully the combination of weekly group meetings and exercises will give me a bit of an extra support during these times.

My parents adopted a puppy few months ago so it has been such a joy to follow how our little friend is growing up and learning new skills among the way. Last but not least i have been so exited about that yoga instructor program so it has kept my mind away from thinking about stressful events.

Right now considering the circumstances things are going pretty good. Hopefully it stays this way. Obviously I`m worried about Ukraine situation but do not want to live in a constant fear. Best thing we can do is to try to live as normally as possible and help others by donating if we can afford it.

I´m looking forward to upcoming summer. PS. Our program continues this weekend so stay tuned for hearing more!❤



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