My current hygiene and skincare favorites.

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3 min readOct 28, 2022


just something fun to add in between the more serious stuff.

Photo by me

Products i use in the shower :

Hair care : It took me ages to find the best shampoo for my hair but my current favorite is this nettle shampoo from the Frantsila herb farm. They are a Finnish natural cosmetics company and all of the products are made here. The shampoo makes my hair feel soft and easy to comb. I love the scent, it makes me feel like i am in the spa. This also soothes my scalp. I rarely use conditioner anymore due to how good this shampoo is.

Shower gel : I have used the body shops shower gels for ages now. These are just the best. Little goes a long way and the company has so many delicious scents to choose from. Currently using this plum scented one as its starting to get cold here.

Feminine hygiene: Nothing much to say about this. The product i use to wash there changes from time to time. Main criteria is that the product has to be unscented. currently using this one from neutral. It does what it is supposed to do and does not irritate the skin.

Face wash : Currently loving this cleansing Mousse from the pharmacy cosmetics brand L300. It is unscented, feels soft on my skin and does not make my face feel too dry afterwards. I love how soft the foam is.

Photo by me

Body care : My body lotion of choice is from the body shop again. Their body butters are the best. Currently using this rose one. For muscle aches this warming massage oil from the Frantsila herb farm and the magnesium spray from Puhdas plus are both good options in my book.

Photo by me

Miscellaneous :

Face moisturizer: an unscented one from Lumene or vitamin cocktail night cream that doubles as a face mask. Lumene one is pretty basic it does its job that is to moisturize my skin. That other option from Mossa has pleasant but mild scent. It leaves my skin feeling soft the next morning.

Foot care : flexitol hard callous and skin balm. Not much to say about that. it helps to keep my callouses better in between pedicures. My feet are not in the correct position due to developmental delays so unfortunately i get some pretty painful callouses on the bottoms of my feet.

Lip balm : I like the ones from Hurraw. This is a all natural lip balm brand that has some yummy flavors. another favorite is this hand made honey and mint lip balm.

deodorant : This also changes but i am currently using this lavender one from the brand Urtekram. Everything lavender scented is great if you ask me. I find the scent pretty calming. I personally prefer using aluminium free deodorants.

Simple is the best if you ask me. I am trying to keep my skincare routine pretty minimal and were i can i like to use natural products.

So here we have it. i hope you found some interesting products from this. I just wanted to add something light and fun in between the more serious posts. ❤