My first time teaching yoga.

Credits: Katya_Ershova,pixabay

Yesterday all of us get to show the skills we have acquired and guide other group members tru a short Asana practice. I was nervous but everything went okay. It was so cool getting to use our skills and try out how we felt about the experience. Some of us did it more independently while some needed a bit more verbal guidance from our teachers. But everybody found our own way of teaching yoga.

we were taught some basic principles about yoga philosophy. Had discussions around communication skills and learned to modify our classes for people who use wheelchairs by doing “chair yoga”. we used chairs as a prop to try different Asanas with.

Last time i wrote about the importance of safe touch. So i might as well ad a personal victory here. For some reason being guided by touch did not feel good yesterday. I found the courage to communicate it to our teachers. Putting down boundary`s might feel difficult to you but it is so important to learn to know yourself and communicate with others. I`m proud of myself for telling our teachers that “ i prefer not to be guided by touch today” everyone respected my decision so i was only given verbal instructions during our practice.

So here is your friendly reminder to communicate with others about your personal boundary`s.

We have one more weekend left before getting our certificates! My homework is to keep practicing my teaching skills and get someone to film parts of my class so we can then use those videos as a learning material next time. ❤



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Little wheat's writings

Little wheat's writings

I´m 23 years old and from Europe. love reading. If there wouldn’t be other important things to do I could spend all day drinking tea and reading books.