My struggles with self acceptance.


Yoga and meditation are teaching us valuable things, including self acceptance and mindfulness. But to be completely honest with you sometimes it is difficult to live in a body that is not functioning optimally. Here i am yet again waiting for my doctor to call and tell me if there is a reason for this constant fatigue. During this week i have fallen asleep in the middle of my days. Normally i am not the napping type at all.I could not go to the work program on Monday thanks to this fatigue.

Part of me feeling like this is probably my frustration with needing to prove my struggles to the healthcare professionals over and over again. This is not self hatred by any means but sometimes i wish that my body would stop creating these new medical issues so i could continue living my life more comfortably. No ones body is perfect and we all have our own flaws but it gets difficult when you are not getting a break from the hospital visits.

I am truly hoping that this is due to something simpler like iron deficiency and not a thyroid problem that could need more intense treatments. I will know more tomorrow and hopefully have some answers to what the heck is causing this constant fatigue.

This post is a reminder that no matter how much we meditate or do other self care activities nobody is perfect and it is okay to feel frustrated when life trows unexpected obstacles on our way. I want to also spread a message of hope. If you are struggling with your health keep searching for answers, i know it can get overwhelming but things usually get better overtime. I am someone who likes to stay positive and sometimes runs away from difficult emotions because of it. Right now the best thing to do is to allow all the emotions flow tru me and listen what messages are there to receive. ❤

Wish me luck with this yet another medical mystery!

Edit: Turns out that my blood tests came back normal! i guess there is just some mental fatigue going on.



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Little wheat's writings

Little wheat's writings

I´m 23 years old and from Europe. love reading. If there wouldn’t be other important things to do I could spend all day drinking tea and reading books.