my surgery experience

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i am few days post op now. Here is my story of what happened in the day of my surgery in case someone else is has to go tru something similar or just want to know what to expect from anesthesia/is curious about my experience.

We arrived at the surgery center around 9.40.A.M i told my name and birthday at the registration desk and sat down to wait. My dad went to outside because he could not stay with me thanks to the pandemic. After few short moments of waiting nurse called my name. We went in this little exam room she took my temperature,explained how day is going to go and asked how i was doing in general.

Next was time to change in to hospital clothes. Afterwards i sat in this comfy chair at the waiting area and my nurse came back to ask if she could put an i.v in my arm or if i wanted to wait until we were in o.r. I was fine with that so she went to get i.v-supplies. I felt tiny pinch in my arm but nothing too painful. Next i got some i.v-fluids and pain medicine and was left to wait for my plastic surgeon.

After the surgeon explained what she was going to do and gave me an opportunity to ask any questions nurse game back and gave me some medicine to help with my anxiety. i waited some more until around 11.15 the anesthesiologist came to transfer me in the operating room. Medicine had made my legs feel a bit wobbly so she had to get me in a wheelchair.

After arriving in o.r they helped me climb on the surgery table and attached all of those monitors to me including heart rate monitors and blood pressure cuff nothing hurt it just tickled a bit. They placed this weird hat on my head and one of the o.r-nurses told me she was going to drop some numbing eye-drops in my eyes and start prepping them for the surgery. Next thing i remember is the anesthesiologist saying “ It´s time for sleepy medicine now it might feel a bit tingly in your arm.” I felt little tingly for few seconds then all went blank.

Fast forward about two and half hours and i woke up in recovery. Nurse came in to ask how i was feeling and cave me Popsicle and some honey to help with my sore throat. Got told i had breathing tube placed while being under anesthesia. After about and hour or so i was able to change back in to my regular clothes and go back home.

Pain has been minimal. Mostly just mild tingling sensation on my eyelids and stitches feel bit strange. Aftercare instructions require lots of icing,avoiding lifting anything heavy and only light exercise. Can´t do any yoga until i get my stitches taken out next Friday.

i was super anxious about going in to the hospital but everybody were so nice and made me feel super safe. they explained everything before doing anything and asked how i was feeling during the whole process.

Surgeries are not fun but thanks to experienced medical professionals most of the time everything goes well and you are on your way to recovery before you know it. hopefully this is last surgery for a while. I am so grateful for all the doctors and nurses working under pressure during this pandemic and still taking good care of everyone in need.

I hope you found this helpful and maybe this made someone less nervous about the whole surgery process. Anesthesia is nothing to be afraid of its so much safer now days and you are in good hands. ❤



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