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My tea favorites 2021

Tea has always been a big part of my life. Wandering tru a grocery-store aisles and picking up new flavors is like an adventure. A warm cup of tea often helps me to calm down while having an anxious period. Here is a list of my current favorite teas and what i use those for.

1. Pukka Tea — Feel new.

Ingredients:Aniseed,sweet fennel seed,cardamom pod,licorice root,coriander seed,turmeric root.

Flavor : Tastes like a fresh cinnamon bun in a mug. You feel like eating a dessert.

Usage: For sweet cravings or digestive discomfort. Find this to be calming for my tummy.

2. Pukka tea — Night time

“ A dreamy bed of oat flower,lavender and lime flower.”

I have tried so many sleepy time teas over the years and this is my absolute favorite long side of traditional chamomile tea.

Ingredients : oat flowering tops,licorice root,chamomile flower,lavender flower,lime flower,Valerian root , tulsi leaf .

Flavor : Sweet and dreamy. The most permanent flavors being licorice and chamomile, you can also taste bit of lime and lavender.

Usage: For those restless nights were you need a little help in order to be able to fall asleep. This tea just calms my mind and body perfectly before bed and i wake up refreshed the next morning.

3. English tea shop — Super goodness

ingredients : ginger , turmeric,lemongrass,licorice,cloves,cardamom,black pepper,cumin seeds.

Flavor: spicy and warming you mostly taste the ginger.

Usage : When feeling nauseous or having the symptoms of flu.

4. Yogi tea — Breathe deep

my friend pointed to this at the health food store while i was about to have an anxiety attack so it felt like a sign to buy it.

ingredients: eucalyptus , licorice ,ginger,basil,cinnamon,mullein,alfalfa,fennel,thyme,elecampane,vanilla extract,cloves,black pepper,vanilla beans.

Flavor:earthy and mint-thy with a hint of vanilla.

usage : Helping with opening up your sinuses and for easier breathing.

An honorable mention goes to peppermint tea that is something i always have in my kitchen for any kind of digestion related problems. it is always a good choice.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my current favorite teas. Happy tea adventures! ❤



I´m 23 years old and from Europe. love reading. If there wouldn’t be other important things to do I could spend all day drinking tea and reading books.

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