My top 3 lessons from regular yoga practice.

Little wheat's writings
2 min readJan 26, 2023
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

It is day 24 already, yay! Here’s some of the most important lessons from the journey.

  1. It takes discipline to show up. I have had days where the last thing on my mind is to show up and do my practice. The intention I set in the first day was “ I deserve this” and this has been the thing helping to guide me. The hardest part is showing up after that everything flows with ease.
  2. Every day is different. No two practices are the same. Our bodies and minds are changing constantly. Somedays are easy and others more difficult. It’s all about listening to those messages that usually go unheard.
  3. Yoga, for me, is not about the physical changes. Have I noticed my body getting stronger? Yes, certainly, but that ain’t the main reason why I do yoga. For me, the mental aspects are way more important. If I were to skip my practice, I would feel it later by having more anxiety tru out the day. Yoga makes me feel peaceful and centered. Physical changes are a plus, but I would recommend yoga from purely the emotional/spiritual aspect of the practice. There’s so much wisdom to be found for those who want to start reading mantras and getting to know the ancient Yogic philosophy. It’s a journey by itself.

These are my top lessons from this journey. Do you practice yoga regularly? If so what’s your reason? / Are there any lessons that you would like to share?❤️