One very awkward shopping experience

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2 min readSep 20, 2022
credits :TukTukDesign,pixabay

When an ordinary shopping trip turns into a secret agent mission.

We all sometimes need to buy products that we would like to hide from others or make excuses about what we need them for.

so the idea of even walking in to the store might made you blush and/or feel awkward.

Here is few examples of products that would meet the criteria period products, condoms,pregnancy tests,medication for yeast infection, feminine hygiene products, etc.

I had to do this type of shopping today. this is how it should have gone:

Step 1: walk in to the store

Step 2: find the product

step 3 : Pay and move on with your day

and this is how it actually went:

Step 1 : walk in to the store

step 2 : Move silently towards the aisle

Step 3 : Look around you to make sure that the aisle is empty.

Step 4. Pick up the product

Step: 5 Also pick up some period products so you can hide this thing behind those.

Step 6: Stand awkwardly close to the checkout (while carrying everything in your hands ) and try to come up with excuses for why you need this product just in case you meet someone you know.

Step 7 : finally realize that no one cares what you came to buy.

Step 8 : get over the embarrassment and buy the product.

This simple grocery store trip turned into some secret agent mission because according to my brain making sure that the aisle is empty makes me invisible.

This is kinda silly because really no one cares what we buy plus the staff will forget everything after just a few minutes.

Note to myself for the next time : just go and buy what you need it is not a big deal, no one will judge you. we are all just human beings with different needs. What i bought is not your business. So please do not ask about it! I just wanted to share what the experience was like for me when there was a need to buy something when it made me feel awkward to even admit to myself that i need this thing. Have you got any tips for surviving these types of shopping experiences with less awkwardness?