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Our bodies are wise.

Little wheat's writings
1 min readFeb 24


We just need to listen.

Yesterday, I faced the fear of traveling to this specific railway station where a scary incident happened some time ago. It was difficult to do but a friend of mine was there to support me.

Afterward, I got this intuitive feeling that my body wanted to go and lay down on my yoga mat and just shake everything out. After approximately 25 minutes of shaking and letting myself move with music, everything felt much more relaxed, and I was ready for bed.

Our bodies have the ability to process difficult emotions and tell us what needs to happen, but we need to slow down and listen carefully.

Shaking is a natural instinct. Other animals have the same reaction after danger is over. But we humans have forgotten that it exists, maybe due to feeling embarrassed about it or looking silly while shaking out tension. Next time when you feel anxious, maybe try and see if this tool helps you. ❤