Summertime happiness

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2 min readJul 16, 2023
Photo by me

The beauty of the Finnish summer.

My family has a tradition where we rent a summer house/ cottage somewhere in Finland and go there to spend a week together.

This time, we rented this big house that was located near a lake, so you could hear the sounds of the waves every day.

Photo by me.

The place had a huge sauna that could fit like 10 people. There was plenty of room to sit in. I love saunas that are wood-heated.

Our week consisted of lots of swimming, saunaing and cooking. I also read almost one and a half books and spend lots of time journaling by the lake. A few of my moms friends joined us later, so we had lots of good conversations. We spent most of our time outside in nature. The sounds were just beautiful. Especially the waves, wind, and birds. There was almost no traffic so you could truly relax.

One of my favorite moments was with my mom. We were both sitting outside of the sauna building, wrapped in towels with cold drinks in our hands, just looking at the lake and catching up with each other.

I said to her “ This is what the Finnish summer is like at it’s best “ she agreed.

The thing about summer houses is that those are often located in the countryside, so the nearest grocery stores are quite far away. In our case, it was sixteen kilometers away. That’s part of the charm, tho. It’s peaceful in the countryside.

Photo by me

My breakfast of choice every day was a bowl full of unsweetened yogurt with honey ,granola, and fresh strawberries. I enjoyed it with a cup of lemon and fennel tea.

This trip was much needed. We got to relax and charge our batteries. Last summer I didn’t feel like swimming but this time I did it four times. I was just happily jumping in the lake and feeling like a child again.

Family traditions are the best! ❤