Little wheat's writings
1 min readMar 6, 2023


The beauty of finding your community.

Photo by me

Joining a yoga festival for the very first time.

It has been ten years since the yoga and wellness festival was organized in Finland for the very first time. We were there as new yoga instructors with a mission of spreading information about our programs for the people who might be interested in supporting our cause of making yoga easily accessible for everyone.

I was there with my mom and a few other people from our program. We have such an amazing group of people who work together. Everyone is so kind-hearted. I always feel safe and comfortable around them.

Plenty of people stopped by our stand to ask questions and to take our information leaflets. It was also fun to walk through the aisles and see what companies are there in the wellness space of Finland.

I ended up buying some kombucca and organic treats from the company called Foodin. It feels great to have found your community full of amazing people who want to help you learn and grow.

Yesterday was lots of fun, but I am tired due to the huge amounts of people and the constant background noise that was bugging my senses.

I’m feeling so grateful for these opportunities. 💜