The endless lock down cycle.

Credit: lppicture,pixabay

My country is heading in to another partial lock down due to a faster spread of this new Covid variant and the risk of our healthcare systems getting overwhelmed. This work program i joined needs to be put on hold until the end of January. This exact thing happened to me a year ago. So here we go again.

Now i want to be clear yes i know these restrictions are there to keep everyone safe and our society running during these times. But it starts to get frustrating when we go in and out of lock downs all the time and cant re-open our society permanently. Someday we need to learn how to live with this virus just like we do with influenza.

It is difficult when you cant do long term plans due to everything being constantly postponed and we cant trust that the easier times last long because new variants keep emerging.

I have done my very best with following all the guidelines,getting vaccinated etc,but this makes me wonder if this is ever going to end. We just cant continue locking down the entire earth all the time. Some day more people are gonna fight against these restrictions if this continues.

I have to ones again figure out how to create a weekly routine when the gyms,yoga studios and my work place are closed. wishing us all the strength to power tru this. Its starting to get frustrating and difficult over here. I know We can do this!, gotta keep fighting towards better times. ❤



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