The importance of safe touch

when teaching yoga

Multiple colorful wolf-cards on a wooden floor. showing different emotions
Picture by me ( These cards are such a fun way of helping people express their emotions)

One of the themes we had this weekend was different methods of teaching yoga. You can do postures in front of others, use pictures, use your voice to guide students or help with touch by moving someones hands in better position for example.

If there is touch involved it is so important to gain consent fist so everyone feels safe in your class. You can do this by simply asking “can i touch your body or move your hand” saying no is always okay and we should all respect that.

when we changed yoga postures our teachers were asking our consent again every time there was a need for moving someones body in a different position. We could change our minds at any time if something was making us feel uncomfortable. I felt completely safe during our classes.

Teaching yoga sometimes involves physical guidance so creating safe environment makes all the difference. Never touch anyone without their consent.

we also learned how emotions affects our bodies,made a list of things that make us happy,used play dough to better visualize different postures,learned to use our voice by making alphabet sounds and continued with different trust building exercises.

I have learned a lot about myself and our group works so well together. we all create things in harmony with each other.

stay tuned to hear how the rest of the program goes for me. ❤



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