The power of Hugs

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2 min readMay 13, 2023
Photo by Anastasiia Krutota on Unsplash

How do you feel about hugging people?

For me, hugging is one of those rare forms of physical touch that I actually enjoy as someone who is hyper sensitive to touch.

If I feel comfortable hugging someone, that is a sign that I trust them completely. Letting others in my personal space is not easy.

When I meet with some of my friends, we hug each other every time. Not everyone likes being touched, so always be respectful and make sure it’s okay for them first.

Different styles of hugs I have experienced.

  1. The one-armed hug. This is where someone only puts one of their arms around your shoulders very quickly.
  2. The bear hug. Where someone squeezes you tightly against themselves. This is a nonverbal way to say “ i’m here for you/ I’m not going anywhere “
  3. The gentle hug. Where you can barely even feel the other person’s touch at all.

4. The pat on the back hug. This is an odd one for me, but some people’s hugs are super fast, and they will pat your back at the same time.

In my opinion, we should show our affection via consensual hugs more often. Hugging can reduce stress and release hormones that make us feel nice and safe

What is your favorite type of hug?