who is Little wheat?

Hello, this is me!

Hello to you stumbling across my blog. You might be wondering who is this person writing behind the name Little wheat. I thought the perfect place to start would be an introduction so you can get to know me better.

I´m 22 years old and from Europe. consider myself as a bookworm . I´m always in the middle of reading something, My favorite book genres are self development , YA and fantasy. I Grew up reading Harry Potter so that book has a special place in my heart. Besides the controversy surrounding J.K:Rowling right now. If someone would ask me to recommend one book it would be Loveless by Alice Oseman.

I also love drinking tea and trying new flavors of it! My favorite types of teas are Mint&licorice root, chamomile, and green tea. I´m not a fan of traditional black tea, in my opinion its a bit boring. Most likely ill choose herbal teas over anything else.

I´have been practicing yoga since being 14 years old thanks to my mom for introducing it to me. Yoga is great way to learn about being present. it also helps with stress management.

For me personally daily meditation habit is a must in order to keep my anxiety in manageable level. Love using guided meditations from YouTube or the app called headspace. I´have been using it since 2017.

Writing has always been natural way for me to process my thoughts. Habit of keeping a diary started when i was in third grade and have continued on and of to this day.

I also like listening podcasts,watching YouTube videos,going on walks,spending time with friends and family,drawing,singing,volunteering and doing research about interesting topics.

My purpose behind creating this blog is to have a place were i can share my thought´s with people all over the world, build new connections and get a real-life practice for using English as it is not my native language. Idea for my blog´s name came from the fact that my real name means wheat if you translate it to English.

Welcome to little Wheat´s writings! ❤



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Little wheat's writings

Little wheat's writings

I´m 23 years old and from Europe. love reading. If there wouldn’t be other important things to do I could spend all day drinking tea and reading books.