Why I love yoga so much.

And why you too should give it a try.

Picture : Jeviniya , pixabay.

My top reasons to love yoga and why i often choose it over other forms of exercise.

1.So many styles to choose from.

Feeling stressed? Try Yin-yoga. Wanting to sweat and built stronger muscles? Give Flow yoga a try. I bet you can find a yoga style for almost everything. My favorites have been yin-yoga for relaxation and stress relief and slow flow for days were i want to build strength but still be able to follow my breathe.

2. It is not focused on the looks.

So many forms of exercise are too focused on what your body looks like. In yoga it really does not matter. You are there for yourself and everyone is focused on their own practice. Nobody is comparing themselves to others. Overtime yoga has helped me with accepting my body the way it is and appreciating everything it can do.

3. More you do yoga more flexible you become.

I am naturally quite stiff and have a limited range of motion. yoga has helped me with becoming more flexible and finding different ways to move my body. Its amazing to notice how overtime you are able to do poses that felt impossible at the beginning.

4. The mental health benefits.

We all know that exercise boosts our mood. this is true with yoga as well. I personally notice the difference in my anxiety levels when ever i practice yoga. My mood is so much better tru out the day.

5. Yoga teaches us to be present.

So many ours of our days is spent inside our heads. Yoga really helps me with becoming more mindful about my body and how it is really feeling. You cant be stuck in a anxious thoughts while having to focus on your breath and moving between poses. After doing yoga i find that mindfulness follows me in to the rest of my day.

Picture : Alexas__fotos , Pixabay

There is so many misconceptions about yoga. One of witch according to a podcast is that people think that yoga is just you sitting cross legged and breathing for an hour straight. But truly it is so much more than that and everyone can give it a try. Only thing you really need is a yoga-mat and a curious mind. YouTube is full of yoga videos or you can find a nearby yoga studio and join a live class. I could spend all day listing every possible benefit of yoga but I am just going to leave it here for now. If you want more yoga-related posts let me know by leaving a comment. :)

Happy yoga journeys. ❤



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